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An Ethnography of Female Salafi Converts in Birmingham

February 2022

1990s Tape Library

The Emergence of Salafism in the UK

November 2022


Islamophobia in the West

April 2022

Catalogue from 2001

Salafi Publications: A Grassroots Da’wah

September 2023

Birmingham Streets

Situating British Salafism from Within

April 2022

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Salafism, Exclusion, and Religious Place-Making

January — December 2024

Books taught at the Salafi Masjid, Birmingham

What is Salafism?

May 2022


Salafi Women

January — December 2024

The rise of global Salafism and the emergence of a new hybrid Salafi identity signifies not only the changing face of religious belief and practice in contemporary Europe and globally, but also reveals the significance of modern spirituality and the return to religion in a post-Enlightenment era.

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The significant number of women who have converted to Salafism’s ‘orthodox’, non-Western belief is an enigma.

(Quote from An Ethnography of Female Salafi Converts in Birmingham)

Finding Salafism in a Post-Secular Society

Pursuing Authenticity

A Hybrid Salafi Identity

Glocalising Salafism in Birmingham